We Buy and Consign Gear

USED BILT USA Relevator with Case - $2995

USED Larrivee L15 with Pickup - $1850

USED Alvarez 5053 with Pickup - $795

USED Fishman Loudbox Artist - 125 Watts - $395

USED Jantar Bass - 


USED Oahu Square Neck - 


USED Vox AC10C1 TUBE - $395

USED Hartke - 


USED Lotus Strat - 


USED Schecter Damien Elite 7 String - $495

USED Ibanez RG321MH  - $350

USED Regal 5 String Banjo - Circa 1960s - $495

USED Avatar 112 Bass Cabinet with Tweeter


USED Marshall 1960A

412 Cab (Made in UK)


USED Moskey Audio Deluxe Preamp - $65

USED Avatar 115 Bass Cabinet - 600 Watts


USED Calzone Les Paul ATA Flight Case 


USED Lunastone True

Overdrive 2 - SOLD

USED Tech 21 Boost DLA

Analog Delay Emulator


USED Martin 000X1RGT

with Hard Case


USED Fender Standard Stratocaster with Gig Bag


USED Joe Bonamassa Limited Edition Les Paul

Goldtop by Epiphone


USED Line 6 POD Version 2.0 with Manual & CD


USED Crate BX100 Bass Amp - 15" - 100 Watts

$175 SOLD

USED Fender Deluxe Limited Edition Tweed (TUBE)


USED Tama Imperialstar Drum Set with Cymbals


  USED Smoky Mountain Lap Dulcimer with All the Goodies - SOLD

USED Fender Hot Rod Deville (TUBE)


USED Gibson Les Paul Traditional 


USED Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray


USED Gibson Les Paul Standard


USED Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 - 10 Top


USED Ibanez Roadstar II RB650 (Japan c1986) w/CB Case  


USED LTD B-305FM (Flame Maple) - w/Hard Case -


USED Washburn F Style Jethro Burns - (Japan c1982) - w/Case - SOLD

USED Squier Vintage Modified HH Telecaster - SOLD

USED D'Angelico Premier DC (Flametop) w/Gig Bag - SOLD

USED Squier Bullet Stratocaster With Tremolo - SOLD

USED Squier Standard Telecaster - SOLD

USED Huntington

Jazz Bass - SOLD

USED Dillion LP Junior SC - Transparent Yellow - SOLD

USED Epiphone Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Sparkle - SOLD

USED Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster (Mexico) - SOLD

USED SolidGold FX Athena Vibraphase - SOLD

USED Gibson USA Les Paul Standard w/Case - SOLD

VINTAGE Fender USA Stratocaster - c1979  - SOLD

USED Victoria USA Victorialux TUBE Amp -

45 W - SOLD

USED Fender Original California Series Laguna - c1980's - SOLD

USED Quiet Theory Reverb/Delay - SOLD

USED Ibanez PF15CE - Acoustic Electric w/Pickup - SOLD 

USED Ibanez V Series - Acoustic Electric w/Pickup - SOLD

USED Yamaha FG435A - Cool Oriental Blue - SOLD