4437 Devine Street * Columbia, SC * 29205

USED Ibanez Roadstar II RB650 (Japan c1986) w/CB Case  


USED LTD B-305FM (Flame Maple) - w/Hard Case -


USED Washburn F Style Jethro Burns - (Japan c1982) - w/Case - SOLD

USED Squier Vintage Modified HH Telecaster - SOLD

USED Squier Bullet Stratocaster With Tremolo - SOLD

USED Squier Standard Telecaster - SOLD

USED Huntington

Jazz Bass - SOLD


USED D'Angelico Premier DC (Flametop) w/Gig Bag - SOLD

USED Dillion LP Junior SC - Transparent Yellow - SOLD

USED Epiphone Les Paul Standard Limited Edition Sparkle - SOLD

USED Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster (Mexico) - SOLD

USED Martin 000X1RGT (USA) with Hard Case - SOLD

USED Calzone (USA) Flight Case for Gibson Les Paul - $295

USED Peavey (USA) Impulse 15's (1000 watts) 

USED Tech 21 Boost DLA Analog Delay Emulator - SOLD

USED Gibson USA Les Paul Standard w/Case - SOLD

VINTAGE Fender USA Stratocaster - c1979  - SOLD

USED Victoria USA Victorialux TUBE Amp - 45 W - SOLD

USED Fender Original California Series Laguna - c1980's - SOLD


USED Ibanez PF15CE - Acoustic Electric w/Pickup - SOLD 

USED Ibanez V Series - Acoustic Electric w/Pickup - SOLD

USED Yamaha FG435A - Cool Oriental Blue - SOLD

USED Quiet Theory Reverb/Delay - SOLD

USED SolidGold FX Athena Vibraphase - SOLD

USED Lunastone True

Overdrive 2 - SOLD

USED Moskey Audio Deluxe Preamp - $65